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Obama/Putin meeting.

On background from a White House official:

President Obama met with President Putin on the margins of the COP21 Summit in Paris. The two leaders continued their discussion of the situation in Syria and Ukraine. President Obama expressed his regret for the recent loss of a Russian pilot and crew member and reiterated the United States' support for de-escalation between Russia and Turkey. The two Presidents discussed the imperative of making progress on the Vienna process to bring about a ceasefire and political resolution to the civil war in Syria. President Obama reiterated his belief that it will be necessary for Bashar al-Asad to leave power as a part of the transition and stressed the imperative of focusing military efforts against ISIL, as our international coalition is doing, rather than targeting moderate opposition. The two leaders directed their Foreign Ministers to continue to work together to move the Vienna process forward. President Obama also emphasized the importance of working towards a diplomatic solution to the crisis in eastern Ukraine through full implementation of Russia's obligations under the Minsk agreements, noting that if Minsk is fully implemented, sanctions can be rolled back.

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