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POTUS made a stop Tuesday afternoon at around 4 p.m. at Sweet Darlings gelato and candy shop in Seward. The shop was small and not very crowded (until the pool got there), with buckets of taffy and the scent of sugar. POTUS ordered a cup of gelato with some coconut and some coffee gelato. He bought scoops for the pool.

In the shop he shook hands with Dan (blood orange gelato) and Luann (peanut butter gelato) Gross from upstate New York. "We had no clue" the president was going to be at the shop, Dan Gross said, noting that they were just visiting the region.

"I'm impressed," Gross said, "And I'm a Republican."

Outside of the candy store, he worked a small rope line outside of the Gold Rush Alaskan Bistro. One woman holding a little girl said to her: "The most important man in the country is coming and you might be in the picture. Can you say Obama?"

En route from Kenai Fjords National Park, the motorcade passed Espresso Simpatico, which had a sign offering a good deal: "President Obama drinks free."

At the Seward Harbor, where the motorcade arrived at about 4:23, POTUS stopped and talked about maritime issues facing Alaska and the nation.

"We're going to go and look at some spectacular fjords," he said, Resurrection Bay gleaming behind him. "One of the things we've bee trying to highlight is climate change."

But he also said the U.S. needs to beef up its anemic fleet of icebreakers. "Although we technically have three, operationally we have only 2 and only one heavy icebreaker." Only one is heavy duty. "To give a sense of contrast, Russia has 40."

We're going to be seeing more traffic in the Arctic. It is necessary we be prepared.

He said that we are proposing to "accelerate the construction of at least one additional heavy ice breaker... This is something that's been championed by Republicans like Sen. [Dan] Sullivan here in Alaska and also Democrats like Sen. Maria Cantwell in Washington."

"The icebreakers are examples of something that we need to get online now. They can't wait."

4:40 and we head out into Kenai Fjords. Obama is on a yellow boat with green trim called the Viewfinder.


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