Fw: Travel Pool Report #8 - Back at Andrews

Sent: Friday, September 30, 2016 7:05 PM
To: Rutherford, Sarah D. EOP/WHO
Subject: Travel Pool Report #8 - Back at Andrews

After roughly six hours in Jerusalem and 22 hours in the air, POTUS was back at Andrews (as rainy and windy as when we left).
Air Force One landed at 6:36pm.
President Obama (wearing a suit and a tie) and Bill Clinton (wearing jeans and a jacket) walked down the stairs together, chatting.
They were followed by John Kerry.
POTUS is motorcading back to the WH because of the weather.
After the motorcade had left, Bill Clinton, who had been waiting on the tarmac, climbed up back on Air Force One.
He came back down a minute later. According to his aide, he wanted to thank the crew.

Jerome Cartillier
AFP White House Correspondent
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