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POTUS opened his remarks — which clocked just under 15 minutes — acknowledging the elected officials, including DCCC Chair Ben Ray Lujan and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, the latter whom the president saluted with a sober, demure affect, calling her his ally, friend, confidant who had "occasionally whipped me into shape."

Dinner guests appeared to be eating salmon and drinking a bottle from Seattle's Cadence Winery.

Please check quotes against official transcript.

POTUS, introduced by host Steve Singh, mentioned that the Global Entrepreneur Summit in San Francisco had made him hopeful for the future prospect of the world. "It is as inspiring as an event that we do."

Referencing the young people he engaged at the summit, POTUS said "You listened to them and it made you so optimistic about the prospects for the world."

He said all of it was against the "backdrop of Brexit", and brought up Trump without mentioning his name, drawing laughter.

"Opportunities have never been greater," for young people.

"By almost every measure the world is "healthier, wealthier, less violent, more tolerant.." but said the world was also a place "where also communities are being left behind."

POTUS lamented that while they had the majority in the House.

"When Nancy Pelosi was no longer Speaker, we got government shutdowns and dysfunction."

"Unfortunately this gets reported as Washington not working. It's not Washington not working. It is a party that has decided that their approach to maintain power is to make sure that Washington does not work," breeds cynicism and discourages voting.

Pool was ushered out as the Q+A began.

Said POTUS of the press: "I saw them out there, they looked like they were having a good time."

Pool spotted Los Angeles Clippers owner Steve Ballmer, who seemed to be enjoying himself.


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