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Here are a few quotes from the eulogies delivered by Beau’s siblings, Ashley and Hunter.

Beau Biden’s sister Ashley gave an emotional tribute to her brother and the tight bonds he shared with his siblings.

She described their brother Hunter as “the wind beneath his wings.”

“The boys named me. I was theirs, and I felt as though they were mine.”

She recalled how Beau brought her to visit him at the University of Pennsylvania, saying that he did it even though it wasn’t cool “to bring your eight-year old kid sister to spend the night at your college apartment.” Beau’s friends, she recalled, “nicknamed me flea.”

“He was my first love, and what a beautiful example of love he provided.

Hunter Biden, Beau’s brother, then spoke of how the extended Biden clan had showered their immediate family with love in the wake of their mother and sister’s death decades ago. He promised Beau’s widow and children they will experience that same level of love and support.

“We are a family whose love knows no bounds.”

“Beau’s was the hand reaching for yours even before you hand to ask… That is his story.”

“He was our leader. And he never asked to lead. He was our leader who never judged, and only inspired us through his example. He was clarity, a clarity that you could step into.”

“Your problems were Beau’s problems. But he seemed to carry them so effortlessly.”

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