Fw: Travel pool report No. 3 - a few gaggle notes

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Josh Earnest gaggled aboard flight. No major headlines

On the Opioid abuse summit:  It’s time for Republicans to “do something about it.”

“This demands a bipartisan response in Washington, DC.”

q. Did administration wait too long to respond to this crisis? No. Discusses Obamacare and its recognition 6 years ago that parity is needed for mental health and other medical care.

q. Reax to 4-4 split in SCOTUS today: refers to Biden speech least week. “With a supreme court that’s not fully staffed, it makes it more likely that situations can arise across the country with different rulings in different courts that aren’t resolved by the supreme court.”

q. will Obama meet with Erdogan at Nuclear Security Summit: Pres Erdogan will have a formal sit-down meeting with VPOTUS. Josh anticipates informal POTUS meeting with Erdogan.

Larger meeting will intensify counter-ISIL strategy, including beefing up Turkey-Syria border.

q. a snub that POTUS wont’ have formal meeting with Erdogan? Not at all.

q. what US may have learned or knows that prompted warning for DOD families to leave S. Turkey.

State and DOD issued directives today, refer to those two agencies.

q.. Anti-Gay rights measures in state legislatures – is POTUS frustrated?

POTUS celebrated gay marriage ruling last summer… but didn’t anticpate that would be “the end of the struggle for equality and justice.”

See transcript for exact quotes.

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