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a slight correx to last report: gathered in Remsburg's back yard is donors and volunteers who built his house, not "friends and volunteers." His father and stepmother (Craig and Elizabeth Annie Remsburg, goes by Annie) and service dog were also in attendance.

The house was renovated to accommodate Remsburg's wheelchair. The pool has a large ramp leading into it, and in remarks POTUS referred to accessible construction throughout the house.

"The greatest honor of my life is serving as Commander-In-Chief of the greatest military the world's ever known," Obama said in brief remarks delivered in Remsburg's backyard.

Remsburg's "never give up never give in" attitude is "the kind of thing that keeps me going," Obama said.

The way the community rallied around Remsburg, "couldn't make me prouder to be an American," Obama said. He praised Gilbert and the volunteers.

The house is "an incredible place," Obama said, "where Cory's going to be able to work out, I suspect watch quite a few sports programs." Obama pointed to the outdoor bar, "and have he occasional libation. It speaks to who we are a country and who we are as a people. So I just wanted to say thank you to all of you. Obviously I'm most proud of Cory, but in the same way that he served and protected us, it's good to know that we want to give back, and make sure we're there...when it's needed."

"We know that there are a whole bunch of Corys out there," Obama said, "and not all of their wounds are as easily seen. We've got to be just as vigilant, just as generous and just as focused in making sure that every single one of our men and women in uniform, that they're getting what they've earned and what they deserve."

Pool was filed out at 2:46 PM ET.

Motorcade rolled at 2:57 PM MT and we're headed back to AF1.


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