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AF1 touched down in Charleston at 1.04 PM

WH Deputy Press Secretary Eric Schultz gaggled aboard AF1 for about 12 minutes en route to South Carolina.


House Speaker John Boehner, and Reps. Scalise, Butterfield, Van Hollen, Becerra, Lewis, Cummings and Price.

A separate aircraft is bringing a larger delegation of lawmakers.

No Cabinet secretaries on AF1 that he knew of.

Obama will meet with victims families after he delivers his eulogy today.

POTUS found out about the SCOTUS ruling from Valerie Jarrett, who called him while he was in the residence working on his eulogy for Pickney. POUTS “subsequently was in the Oval Office” where he was joined by McDonough for a full debrief by Eggleston. POTUS was pleased by the ruling.

Schultz was asked about the the politics of the situation, especially after several top-teir GOP presidential candidates declined to call for a constitutional amendment following the SCOTUS ruling. He demurred, saying the ruling was “consistent with the president’s public policy positions and with his values.”

On the terror attacks across the globe, POTUS has been briefed, Nat Sec staff are “in touch with their counterparts in the respective counties and continue to offer help and assistant.” No intel assessment so far on whether or not the three attacks are linked in someway.

Questions on US security stance after the attacks were deferred to DHS.

There was no preview of the eulogy, which will be delivered open press in Charleston later this afternoon.

After the service for Rev. Pinckney, Mr. Obama will meet with the families of the nine victims who were killed last week and the families of some of the survivors. Mr. Obama is not scheduled to visit the church.

This been a good week for POTUS?

“It’s been a significant morning. It’s been a significant couple of days. And it’s certainly been a significant month. For not only the president and the administration but for the country. And if you take a moment to step back I think the developments we’ve all experienced over the past few days speak not only to the modern American presidency but also speak to the reasons this president ran for office. If you go back to 2007 you will remind yourselves that principles and values of equality … making sure health care is a right and not a privilege, making sure the middle class has all the economic opportunities that we can build for them, those are the reasons the president ran for office. Those continue to be the motivating factors for this president going forward.”

He said Mr. Obama met Rev. Pinckney in 2007, as did Michelle Obama. Mr. Pinckney was an early supporter of Mr. Obama’s presidential campaign.

On transgender people openly serving in the military: no policy pronouncements today but POTUS believes any man or woman who wants to serve in the US military should be able to do so.

Nothing to add to yesterday’s readout of POTUS’s call with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

He said the White House hadn’t slowed its outreach to the Hill on the Iran talks. It “remains robust and aggressive,” he said. And anyone on the Hill with questions should just ask and the White House will return their phone call.

Week ahead:

Monday: Working dinner with Brazil president

Tuesday: Bilat with Brazil president and joint press conference

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday: Meetings at the White House

Saturday: Fourth of July BBQ at White House for military members and their families

thanks to WSJ's Carol Lee for gaggle transcription help.


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