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Motorcade arrived at 1:33 p.m. at our first destination: MAGNET, the Manufacturing Advocacy and Growth Network at Cleveland State University.

Pool was held in a hallway next to an area containing factory equipment. Three jars of black bourbon smoker chips were sitting on top of a plastic table in the hallway, which had poolers thinking this might be an opportune place for an Obama-McConnell bourbon summit.

Pool was ushered into another room at 1:44 p.m. where bourbon was being bottled. POTUS was accompanied by Kaptur, Brown, and Fudge. The facility was very noisy, making it hard to hear the president. But here is a snippet of his brief remarks to the pool.

After holding, then putting down a bottle of bourbon, POTUS quipped “‘I’m not sampling any before the speech. But I may take a bottle home with me as a taste test.

When asked what Sen. McConnell might think of this whiskey, Obama said "McConnell might have a different opinion about it. And I love Kentucky bourbon. But apparently this gets made a lot quicker."

On the MAGNET facility, Obama said “more importantly this is a good example of ‎how a public-private partnership  created an American business employing Americans and starting to export. We want to see if we can duplicate this across the board.”

Obama also viewed several other displays, including synthetic skulls for medical research and fuel that can be made from waste. The presidents comments were difficult to hear over the noise in the facility.

Pool was escorted out of MAGNET at 2:02 p.m. Motorcade is en route to the City Club of Cleveland.

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