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Here is some more information on MAGNET and the president's tour, provided by the White House:

Background on MAGNET

MAGNET (Manufacturing Advocacy & Growth Network) is a Cleveland-based nonprofit that helps small- and medium-sized manufacturers grow their businesses by improving production efficiencies, sales and growth.  In partnership with the Department of Commerce, MAGNET provides Manufacturing Extension Partnership services that let manufacturers expand into worldwide markets, develop new products and bring back production to the United States.

Tour Background

On a tour of the MAGNET innovation center at Cleveland State University, the President will hear how CEOs from four companies are using the center to grow their businesses. The President will first hear how Cleveland Whiskey uses a proprietary technical process to shorten the maturation process of bourbon from years to days then learn about OsteoSymbiotics, which develops and designs craniofacial implants.  He will then hear from VADXX, which converts waste materials such as tires back to their original chemical components, and learn how EchoChem Alternative Fuels creates clean diesel to reduce emissions and raise MPG for bus fleets.

Tour guide

Dr. Ethan Karp, VP Client Services & Marketing of MAGNET, will lead the tour.  After earning his Ph.D in chemistry from Harvard at 23, Dr. Karp worked for McKinsey & Co, where he worked with Fortune 500 companies to innovate and grow their businesses.  He joined MAGNET because he wants to apply his consulting and technical background to bring about social change and strengthen the U.S. economy.


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