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Subject: Travel print pool report 6: departing town hall

POTUS took a bunch of service member questions at the Worldwide Troop Talk town hall ranging from whether NATO should play a role in the Syrian refugee crisis to parenting tips to cyber threats to a couple about what he'll miss most when he leaves office.

POTUS recalled 9/11/01, when he was a state senator in downtown Chicago, his youngest daughter was a few months old and it was Malia's first day of kindergarten.

After the show, POTUS stayed to shake the hand of every service member in the studio audience.

Full transcript coming from WH later. The event streamed live and was heavily tweeted by your pooler's colleagues.

At 4.11p, the motorcade is rolling for NSA HQ, where we're not aloud to take pics but I'm guessing someone will be downloading all of our old ones.

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