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From: Sarah Wheaton
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Unfortunately your poolers struggled to hear the VP and VP-elect, who were standing on the porch of the VP's residence, while the pool was on the other side of the driveway, and after about a minute the SUVs pulled up so it was even more difficult to hear. Virtually none of Pence's remarks could be heard. Things in brackets are guesses at what was said, in other places I've elided.

Q: How did the meeting go?"

Biden: "It went very, very well."

"I hope they enjoy this home as much as Jill and I have."

Q: Do you think the admin is going to be ready on day 1?

"No administration is ready on Day 1. We weren't ready on Day 1. I've never met one that's ever been ready on Day 1. But I'm confident on Day 1 everything will be in good hands and they'll be able to handle everything..."

Pence: thanked for hospitality and said that they got a "cook's tour" of the residence

Q: Are you worried the administration will dismantle everything you've accomplished?

BIDEN "No, I'm not."

Paused as SUVs for Pence's motorcade pulled up

"No I'm not worried about it. Look: they ran on a platform they're gonna try to move. I think there's a lot of things that were done where [inaud] can reach some accommodation. [inaudible] It's a whole new world. So I told Mike -- the vice president elect -- that I'm available to him 24-7. [Biden said they talked about matters of foreign policy.] I also said although I had been a senator for 36 years, chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee for a decade, in the end I had been [on the] national security apparatus for a long time, there's a lot in town here that I'm aware of. I didn't realize the [system?]. So I plan on being available to Mike as senior staff for him as he moves... He'd be smart to reject most of my ideas, but I think he'll listen."

Jill Biden said thank you as the VP wrapped up that answer.

After the Pence's motorcade pulled away, Biden quipped to the pool that he told Pence the weather was always like this at the Naval Observatory -- it was relatively sunny, though fortunately for the VP and VP-elect, they missed the few minutes of rain. (Your pooler was not so lucky.)

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