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Subject: VP pool addendum: Governor's remarks

Gov. Markell’s office sent along his full remarks from today’s service, as prepared for delivery.

Because of what Beau Biden did in this very building, the children of Delaware are safer for generations to come.

Delaware seniors are more secure.

Crime victims are more certain that the state stands behind them.

Students are more confident that bullies will be held accountable.

Beau made Delaware a better place for all of us.

And he did so because of his determination and his persistence.  Because of his intellect and his willingness to fight.  Because he persuaded and cajoled.

And most of all, because Beau had extraordinary heart.

And from that heart, he lived a life that is a model for all of us.

A model for what a husband should be.  His love for Hallie was a source of joy to him and an example to us.

A model for what a father should be.  Natalie and Hunter should know that even when you weren’t around, your dad beamed with pride and love for you.

A model for what a son should be.  His attachment to his parents is now a part of history.  Never has a son’s love been so genuine and deep.

A model for what a brother, uncle, nephew and cousin should be.  The Biden family is Delaware’s family and Beau’s dedication to and love for you and your dedication and love right back is what we all want for our own families.

And Beau was a model for what a public servant should be.  He cared deeply about the people of Delaware.  He wanted to make their world better. And he did.  He loved them.  And we the people of Delaware loved Beau – if possible -- even more.

The proverbs teach us to say not in grief “he is no more” but in thankfulness that he was.

To the Biden family, we can’t begin to understand the depth of your loss.  Know that we grieve with you. Beau is now of the ages.  He and you have our eternal gratitude.

We will now present the Conspicuous Service Cross.

Mike Memoli

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