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The line of mourners and well-wishers stretched down Wilmington's West 10th Street half an hour before the three magnetometers opened at 11 am. Their dark attire contrasted with the cheerful green, white and red of the Italian flags and bunting up on nearby homes for the week-long Feast of St Anthony. Locals say Biden was a fixture of the annual procession for years.

Those in line traded somber handshakes, a few laughs. One elderly gentleman brought a chair and at silently, staring into space. All around the church were decorations and picnic tables for the "festa Italiana." In a fenced-off area adjacent to the church, idle carnival rides - including a Ferris wheel, a loop-de-loop ride - stood in silent vigil behind an unlit sign reading "Welcome to MAJESTIC MIDWAYS" held up by four columns announcing "RIDES," "FUN," "FOOD," "GAMES." Grey metal barriers ringed the church under overcast skies and in an autumn-like chill.

Pool is holding in a classroom inside the school attached to St Anthony of Padua church, where today's events will take place.

White House reporters may want to follow the Delaware News Journal's @jwstarkey, local pooler.

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