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From: Tom Troy
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Subject: VP pool report 1

VP Biden paid an unannounced visit after his speech at the Main Library of the Toledo-Lucas County Public Library at the Clinton campaign regional office, 911 Jefferson Ave. He spoke from about 3:55 p.m. to about 5:05 p.m., except for about 10 minutes when Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Ted Strickland spoke. About 70 people there, almost all of them Clinton volunteers. He encouraged them to keep working, especially in support of Strickland. VP took about four questions.

Last thing Biden did was he recognized a Vietnam Veteran in the crowd who saluted him on behalf of Vietnam veterans. Biden saluted him and called him forward and talked about his own effort to go into the military. He signed up for flight school, and he was "1Y" - they'd take him if nobody else was available. He had bronchial asthma. He mentioned his opposition to the war - "not on moral grounds, I thought it was really stupid." He said how moving it was when President Obama told a crowd of Vietnam veterans, "welcome home."

The veteran is Randolph Klaus, 73, of Toledo. He said he enlisted straight out of Macomber H.S. into the Navy. He said he was in Vietnam 1961-62 and 1963-64.

I can provide quotes from what Biden talked about if anybody wants it. For the most part, he repeated things he talked about at the library.

Couple of things:

He said the election campaign has been dominated by the antics of Donald Trump and people don't know the issues, which will be a problem for Clinton in starting her term.

He said he was contacted by the leader of Latvia who urged him to come to Europe and reassure people that if Putin invades, NATO will defend them.

He talked about the special disadvantage of Mrs. Clinton being a woman candidate. He said if he chokes up over his late son, Beau Biden, "people say well look at Biden, isn't he a decent honorable man, just shows he's a good family guy." "If she choked up on anything, she's playing the woman card. She's been so banged around it's hard for her to open up a see her heart, but she has a heart."

He also said she's made some mistakes.

"And by the way, she'd be the first one to tell, she made a lot of mistakes, not legal, not something that goes to the heart of who she is, but it's hard for her to open up, it's hard for her to say as we Catholics say, 'mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa,' I am sorry, I am heartily sorry. By the way she should, should. but everytime anything like that has ever happened it's when they pile on say she did whatever."

He was asked about his plans after leaving the White House. Said he's talking to "a couple of major universities" about taking his VP staff with him and continuing some kind of involvement in domestic and foreign policy. "I may write a book. This might disappoint you, it won't be a tell-all book."

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