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Irish PM Enda Kenny's motorcade pulled through the gates of the Naval Observatory at 8:25 am.

The Taoiseach (pronounced Tee-Schock) was immediately greeted by VP Biden who wished the pool — which includes a sizable Irish press contingent as well as your 1/2 Irish-American print pooler — a happy St. Patrick's Day.

Biden said "anyone wearing orange is not welcome in here" while posing for photos on his front porch. He clarified that he was joking. The VP and the Taoiseach then went inside.

Pool held in and around the VP's pool house (which is larger than many studio apartments in D.C.) for about 40 or so minutes.

Pool was then ushered into a room in the VP's residence at 9:08 am.

Biden shouted out to Justice Anthony Kennedy, Ambassador Kevin O'Malley, OMB director Shaun Donovan, Sens. Patrick Leahy, Bob Casey, Pat Toomey, Ed Markey, Jeanne Shaheen, Rep. Joe Kennedy, among others who were all at the breakfast.

Biden also blamed Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe for his wife's absence, noting that she's a community college professor for the state and that St. Patrick's Day is not a Virginia holiday.

The vice president talked about the cross-party talks involving Northern Ireland, saying "we need genius on all sides right now to lock this agreement down... To finally, finally finally again bring an end to this dark chapter."

He paid tribute to William Butler Yates a number of times.

Biden talked about the immigrant experience, wondering what the Irish who both stayed and who emigrated would think of their descendants.

"They all had dreams for all of us. We're Irish. We're dreamers," he said.

PM Kenny spoke after Biden. Kenny talked about how much economic progress in Ireland has made. He said the challenge for government was to manage the economic recovery.

"We are big supporters of T-TIP," Kenny said about the transatlantic trade agreement, saying that the "two greatest developed units on the planet" should reach a trade agreement. He also gave a nod to immigration.

Washington Cardinal Emiritus McCarrick gave a blessing after.

Pool ushered out at 9:34 am.

On Background from the Office of the Vice President:

This morning, the Vice President is hosting a St. Patrick’s Day breakfast in honor of Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny at the Naval Observatory. Guests include Members of Congress, members of the President’s Cabinet, members of the business community, and others. Following the Vice President and Prime Minister Kenny’s brief remarks, His Eminence Cardinal McCarrick will offer the blessing.

This morning’s menu is included below:





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