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Biden arrived at the official resident of Israel's President Rueven Rivlin in Jerusalem on Wednesday afternoon.

Full transcript of Biden remarks will come later from WH and I will forward

Biden and Rivlin exchanged brief remarks before a private meeting.

Rivlin said to Biden:

"You arrived yesterday and were in Jaffa, just a short distance from the brutal terror attack in which a US citizen was murdered. I stand here with you in grief and in solidarity. Our prayers go to the victim's family, and to all the injured in the wave of terror which struck last night and this morning. To my sorrow, Israel has faced this kind of terror nearly every day over the past year. Israel will continue to stand firm in the face of this violence and hatred. Terror will not break us, and it will not shape our future."

Biden's remarks, hightlights:

"The United States of America resoundingly condemns the terrorist violence we've seen lately, especially yesterday."

Biden said, "We take very seriously the death of every innocent civilian that comes from these venal acts of terror."

Biden praised the American tourist, Taylor Force, 28 who was killed in the Jaffa knife attack by a Palestinian assailant as "a man who fought in two theaters, a man who is graduate of finest military academy in the world, West Point."

Biden said that the deaths impact not only the family and loved ones but whole communities.

"That is why we have to deal with this plague of terror," Biden said.

Biden said, "Israelis and visitors to Israel cannot go on being afraid."

"The violence has to stop. Period."

Biden said, "It cannot and will not be done just by physical force."

Biden said that Israel has no greater friend than the United States.

Biden: "Like brothers, we will disagree, sometimes strongly, but never -- never, never -- have we ever disagreed with the principle that there is an absolute unyielding necessity for all world Jewry for there to be an independent Jewish state called Israel."


from William Booth, Washington Post

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