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Subject: VP Pool Report #2

In the minutes before the hearse carrying Beau Biden's casket arrived at St Anthony of Padua, his eight-member honor guard adjusted their white gloves and straightened their jackets and hats on the walk across from the church's front doors as a few locals stationed themselves on their stoops. Birds chirped from nearby trees and atop the church roof.

At 12:09 pm, the relative quiet gave way to the low rumble of two police motorcycles escorting the hearse and other vehicles in the cortege. At 12:10 pm, the hearse stopped in front of St Anthony's. At 12:13 pm, an attendant opened the hearse's rear door, and Beau Biden's flag-draped casket could be seen. At 12:16 pm, a man in uniform gently pushed the flag back. The honor guard, in two parallel lines of four people, marched slowly to the hearse. They gingerly pulled the casket from that temporary resting place, pulled the flag back into position, and then made their way slowly and stiffly towards the central double-doors of the church, their leader setting the pace with a staccato "step. Step. Step. Step. Step."

As 12:18 p.m., Beau Biden's casket passed the threshold of St Anthony's church, through the heavy metal doors, under a small bas relief sculpture showing the Last Supper, as a very light drizzle began to fall.

Pool is back in the classroom hold. We are advised that we will not witness the arrival of the Biden family, but that we will be informed when they are here.

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