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From: Lucía Leal
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Subject: VP Pool report #2

President Santos spoke in Spanish for about 24 minutes. Some quotes:

He thanked VP Biden for "what he's done for his country and for mine". "You, as very few people, have been a witness of all this evolution and been by our side helping". He thanked him "in the name of Colombia and of all of Latin America".

"Here in Colombia we are really at a new dawn, after 52 years of war, that we ended yesterday, which was the D day when the implementation process began" he said of the agreement with the FARC. He said the private sector will have a role in building the peace.
He said "Colombia doesnt become a paradise overnight for having signed the peace".

He hoped for a "deeper integration" with the US' private sector, "now that we left behind that hurdle that was the war".

He noted that Colombia doesn't have the "anti imperialistic sentiment" of some of his neighbors (and that President Obama is the most popular public figure here), and invited US companies to keep investing in Colombia to help "modernize" the country.

?Forgot to say that the Vice President expressed his "deepest condolences" for the recent plane accident in Medellin.?

?We are holding for a photo op and will later visit the Bolivar Naval Base.?

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