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VP Biden arrived at a New Hampshire Together Coordinated Campaign Office on Elm Street in Manchester at 11:13 a.m. and was greeted by Gov. Maggie Hassan, who running for the U.S. Senate versus Republican Kelly Ayotte, and dozens of cheering campaign volunteers.

Biden was also met by a baby named Beau, the son of Garth Corriveau, who is running for Hillsborough County Attorney. He embraced the baby.

Biden said Hassan's voice is needed in the Senate to return politics its "sense of decency."

"If you can't reach the point of compromise, if you can't reach consensus, the country is in trouble," Biden said, praising the governor for New Hampshire's low unemployment. "There's a big vacuum in the center now."

Biden said he was concerned about Donald Trump's unwillingness at last night's third presidential debate to commit to accepting the results of the election Nov. 8.

"That is a big problem," Biden said. "The American public has to stand up, even Republicans. ... This is a threat to our democratic process and the way to reaffirm it is to have an exceptional turnout."

Biden said the press' inability to break through the outlandish Trump news and dig into the candidates' proposals is what bothered him about the election.

He was flabbergasted by Trump's insinuation last night that the timing of the Iraqi and coalition's battle for Mosul was meant to aid Clinton in the election.

"Think how absurdly bizarre that is?" Biden asked.

Biden left the field office at 11:47 a.m.

Brian Dowling

Boston Herald

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