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The VP’s motorcade arrived at the Delaware Legislative State House under gray skies and very faint drizzle. The hearse separated from the motorcade to pull in front of the State House where an honor guard waited to receive it.

VP, wearing a dark suit, sunglasses and a blue tie with thin white stripes, stepped out of his limousine and turned to hold the hand of his grandson Hunter who followed him. Dr. Jill Biden joined along with Beau’s daughter Natalie. The rest of the extended Biden family soon assembled around the vice president, and proceeded to greet dignitaries listed below:

·         Governor Jack Markell

·         Senate President Pro Tempore Patricia Blevins

·         Speaker of the House Peter Schwartzkopf

·         Major General Frank Vavala, Delaware National Guard

·         Former State Supreme Court Justice Myron Steele

·         Chaplain of National Guard, Colonel Ed Brandt

After the greetings the Vice President waited at the center of the extended family as Beau’s casket was transferred out and up the stairs and into the State House. By this point he had removed his trademark dark aviator glasses. As the casket processed in to the State House, VP held tightly to Beau’s family, with his arm around Beau’s wife, Hallie to his right, and his left hand gripping the hand Beau’s son, Hunter.  Throughout the processional VP would frequently kiss Hallie’s head as she looked forward. Next to Hallie was daughter Natalie, who stood in front of her uncle, VP’s son Hunter. The rest of Hunter’s family was to his right.

Dr. Biden, dressed in black, was to little Hunter’s left, flanked by daughter Ashley and her husband Howard Krein, and then Hallie’s parents. At one point as she sensed VP getting emotional she, too, put her arm around her husband.

Pool held outside as the full family followed Beau’s casket in to the state house.

Will effort a full list of family members but the full clan seemed to be represented, as well as Hallie’s parents.

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