Fw: VP pool report #3, 10/15/15 - Biden no comments on 2016

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Subject: VP pool report #3, 10/15/15 - Biden no comments on 2016

VP pool report #3, 10/15/15
Naval Observatory

Vice President Joe Biden was standing in front of his residence at the
Naval Observatory waiting to welcome President Park Geun-Hye of Korea
to his residence when he was peppered with questions about whether he
would jump into the 2016 presidential race. He smiled broadly as he
offered several different no comments.

"I'll answer it in Korea..."

"I'm here to greet President Park. I'll talk to you all about that later."

" I can't hear you. "

"I'll tell you what, good to see you all. "

He then strolled over to chat with his Secret Service detail. We are
awaiting Park's arrival and the VP is out of sight for the moment.

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