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FULL VP on the spending deal, plus a small fix: The VP said “our international debt” not “our national debt.”

“The last seven years, we've gone from crisis to recovery and we're on the verge of being able to have a genuine economic resurgence here. And what we've put together is a good deal. No one got everything they wanted. But it will last for two years and it will prevent us from lurching from crisis to crisis. And I think it enables us to continue to lay down a foundation where we actually get some real resurgence. So I want to compliment John and the entire Congress on coming up with this deal. I think it's good. And again, the only thing that could really, really hurt at this point is for us to go back into this, this brinksmanship of deciding we're not -- are we going to meet our international obligation and pay our international debt? Are we going to shut down the government? This takes that off the table and allows us to move forward.

So I just want you to know that, I’ll be back out when we talk to the President of Indonesia, for lunch, but thanks for being here and I’m sorry it’s chilly.”

The VP started walking away. Your pooler asked whether he was worried that the next president might try to change the make-up of the deal.

“No, no, I just want – we’ve got 15 months to lock in this economic recovery in a way that will generate continued growth, and I think we can do that.”

At 12:32 pm, the President of Indonesia rolled up in his limo. Honor guard opened the door. Biden, all smiles, mimed a shiver (for those of you unable to set foot outside, it's chilly today). Your pool only heard some vague "welcome" blah-blah, the two did not formally address the pool, though they briefly posed for a handshake.

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