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More from the USO reception.

Jill Biden began speaking at 6:57 p.m.

She talked about her personal commitment to the military that dates back to her father who served in World War II.

She also talked about Beau Biden’s service in the Delaware National Guard, and his service in Iraq.

“All of you have served with honor, distinction and resilience.”

“Let’s not forget about military spouses and children,” she said, adding that many people have to put their careers on hold when their spouse is deployed.

Further praising the sacrifice of veterans and their families, Dr. Biden said, “This is why Michelle and I started Joining Forces,” referring to the military families initiative she and First Lady Michelle Obama are involved in.

USO President J.D. Crouch introduced Vice President Joe Biden.

The VP began speaking at 7:04 and named the winners of the several annual USO awards. He spoke for 15 minutes.

“We need you. We need you badly,” he said of the USO and service members in attendance.

He said the USO provides support to families, and said there was support there when Beau was deployed to Iraq.

“You are all part of the greatest generation of warriors the world has ever seen,” Biden said,

He explained his father’s World War II generation was the greatest generation, but today’s military is the greatest fighting force.

He praised the troops that were deployed and redeployed to “the moon of Afghanistan” and the “desert of Iraq.”

He noted that since 9/11, 27 million service members were deployed, and added that most knew they would be deployed when they joined.

Regarding the USO’s assistance to returning troops, Biden said, “My dad used to say get back up when you get knocked down. … Well, it makes a difference when someone is reaching down to help you up.”

“The USO has never been about broad numbers but about individual warriors.”

He quoted his mother who said, “You are defined by courage and redeemed by loyalty,” referring to the USO’s loyalty to troops.

“We owe you big,” he said.

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