Fw: VP Pool Report #3

From: Edward-Isaac Dovere [mailto:xxx@email.com]
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To: Spector, Stephen; Pietranton, Kelsey; Barkoff, Kendra A.
Subject: VP Pool Report #3

At 10:40, a Delaware State Police band of bagpipes and drums, followed by mounted police, led the funeral procession up Ninth Street to the front of St. Anthony’s of Padua.

Slowly, the hearse carrying Beau Biden’s casket followed behind them, with the entire Biden family close together, holding each other as if one large embrace. Vice President Joe Biden stood at the front and center leading them, his right hand holding the hand of his daughter-in-law Hallie, who held their grandson Hunter’s hand on her other side. The vice president held the hand of his granddaughter Natalie with his left hand, with Dr. Jill Biden holding her other hand.

Just before the door to the hearse opened, the vice president briefly looked up to the sky, and then forward again, his face unmoving. He put his arm around Hallie Biden and then kissed her on the head as they saw the casket, then bowed his head. He reached around his daughter-in-law and rubbed his grandson’s head gently. Biden’s own son Hunter, standing right behind them, reached forward and wrapped his arm around his nephew.

With police saluting, the flag-covered casket was lifted out. As it began to enter the church, the vice president briefly put the palm of his hand over his heart.

After the casket entered, the family waited for it to make its way through the church. They shifted positions, and the vice president kissed Natalie and placed her hand in her mother’s. He took one step back and took his own wife’s hand. As they waited, he leaned forward and kissed his grandson’s head again.

The first chords of “Bring Him Home,” from “Les Miserables” began to play, and the vice president crossed himself as he prepared to enter. He then followed his family into the church.

The service is being livestreamed on >www.WhiteHouse.gov/live<. The burial will be private.


Edward-Isaac Dovere
Senior White House reporter

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