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Vice President Biden pulled up into the portico under the Peace Tower of Canada's main Parliament building at 9:00 a.m. He was greeted by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau whose breath was visible in the wintry air.
After meeting several Parliamentary officials wearing their ceremonial clothing, including J. Greg Peters, the usher of the black rod, Mr. Biden signed a guest book at the top of a hallway which was stormed by a rifle toting Islamic radical just over two years ago.
Mr. Biden then went up to Mr. Trudeau's wood paneled office for a private meeting. In brief remarks, neither man offered a clear explanation of the reason for the vice president's visit or hints about the agenda for their meeting.
Mr. Trudeau, without offering specifics, said they had a lot to talk about before adding that the meeting was "mostly a continuation of what is a long, deep friendship between our two countries."
The vice president repeated his remarks from Thursday night in which he said that Americans view Canadians as "farmily, not just allies, not just friends not our largest trading partner."

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