Fw: VP Pool report #3a -- Fuller Biden 2016 comments and Korean president luncheon arrival

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Subject: VP Pool report #3a -- Fuller Biden 2016 comments and Korean president luncheon arrival

VP pool report #3a

First, the full exchange (lasting all of about 40 seconds) on Biden’s presidential plans that you have all been waiting for. The vice president emerged alone from his residence at 12:41 p.m. wearing a dark suit and purple tie. He stood on the flagstone steps in front of his home, some bales of hay, pumpkins, and potted yellow mums visible over his right shoulder for a seasonal touch. Almost immediately, your pool, standing across the driveway on the lawn, began shouting questions about his 2016 plans. He smiled broadly throughout. Q’s to indicate your pool’s queries, A’s to indicate the VPs answers:

Q. Mr. Vice President, are you running for president?

A. I’ll answer in Korean (please note this is a correx from report #3 in which your pooler dropped the “N” and erroneously quoted him as having said “Korea”).

Q. Have you made your decision yet?

A. I can’t hear you.

Q. Have you made your decision yet?

Q. Is there still and opening in the race for you, sir?

A. I’m here to greet President Park, I’ll talk to you all about that later.

Q. Do Democrats deserve your decision Mr. Vice President?

Q. Later, when?

A. I’ll tell you what, good to see you all.

He then strolled over to a member of his team and began speaking quietly to him, leaving the sightline of your pool.

A little less than 10 minutes later, Biden came back and stood at the edge of the driveway, which was flanked by two Marines, as the sounds of President Park’s motorcade became audible. Her limousine arrived with American and Korean flags fluttering from its front and the Marine closest to the house and to Biden opened the door. Park, wearing a forest-green blazer and dark grey or blue slacks with grey thick-heeled pumps, stepped out, and the VP greeted her warmly with a handshake.

“Madame President, welcome to my home. It’s so nice to see you, and look at the weather you brought,” he said, gesturing to the cloudless sky a sun-soaked day tinged with a slight chill. They walked together across the flagstone front walk and ascended the stairs, stopping to pose for photographs. “I think we have some lunch out the back if you guys are hungry,” Biden told your pool. Then with an “OK?” and a thumbs up, he turned, placed his hand on President Park’s back and led her inside for their luncheon.

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