Fw: VP Pool Report #3a

From: Sabrina Siddiqui
Sent: Wednesday, May 18, 2016 6:42 PM
To: Dubyak, Meghan M. EOP/OVP
Subject: VP Pool Report #3a

As promised, the pool report from VP Biden's retail stop in Columbus, Ohio, immediately after his remarks on the economy at Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream.

The motorcade pulled up at North Market at 4 p.m., which according to its website is the only remaining public market in Columbus and was established in 1876. It is also where Jeni Britton Bauer had her first ice cream stand, before formally turning it into a business.

VP Biden was accompanied by Jeni, Sherrod Brown and Senate candidate Ted Strickland. Large swaths of patrons gathered upon realizing Biden was present, chatting excitedly among themselves.

The VP worked the room, snapping selfies with their phones and making small talk that was mostly inaudible to your pooler.

He did, however, introduce Strickland along the way, telling one group: "Say hello to soon to be Sen. Strickland" and repeating several times, "Remember guys, vote Strickland. Vote Strickland."

He made friends with a four-year-old girl, picking her up for a photo and telling her, "You're such a big girl."

To a woman whose daughter was celebrating her birthday, Biden remarked: "Are you her sister?" The mom was quite pleased with the compliment.

He then walked up to Jeni's counter to order ice cream. Strickland, as a local, knew what was up by asking: "Do you have any salty caramel?"

Biden, upon the recommendation of Jeni, instead had a combination of two flavored -- the Ndali estate vanilla bean and Darkest chocolate.

"The problem is I eat it all," he joked, before digging in and offering his stamp of approval. "It's good."

He stopped at several vendors, taking samples of artisan bread and purchasing pretzels for Brown and Tom Perez, who did not come inside.

Several teenage girls were visibly freaking out, one pair as heard by your pooler looking at each other and saying: "Oh my God, he's coming this way ... Be cool."

Biden continued to oblige photo requests and worked the market for a total of roughly 30 minutes.

He then gaggled with the traveling press outside, the transcript of which you received in Pool Report #3.

Motorcade left North Market at 4:30 p.m. and you have the rest.

That's all you'll be hearing from me ... Thanks again for your patience on a somewhat chaotic trip!

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