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Vice President Biden ended his visit to the Charlotte area Monday with a stop at Five and Dine restaurant in Rock Hill, S.C.

He greeted patrons, sitting and swapping stories with several of them.

Before leaving, he also took questions from reporters who stood behind the bar with cameras and microphones.

Here's some of what he said:

-- He talked with the Clinton campaign Monday afternoon and was told they planned to "put out even more information" about Clinton's health. "And they're going to make the doctors available to talk to you guys," he added, referring to the press.

-- Biden said the Clinton campaign staff acknowledged that "they screwed up. The staff acknowledged that they should have, on Friday, just straight up said she's been diagnosed with pneumonia."

-- Biden said he, too, has had pneumonia.  "Look, when you run the schedule we run - 14, 15 hours a day - I've had walking pneumonia, last year. And you know what it takes? It takes antibiotics and it takes getting through a thick skull like Hillary's and mine to slow down."

-- He said if he was coaching Clinton for the upcoming debates, he'd advise her to sell herself and her vision instead of just bashing Trump. "I think what we should be focusing on is what Hillary is going to do, what she's about. Everybody already knows that there's a side of (Trump) that is not serious. You talk about Hillary's negatives - his negatives are even higher. We should be talking about how she is going to keep the economy growing. She knows exactly what she wants to do."

-- Biden also said he'd like to see Trump's health report, adding with a smile: "I'd like to jog with him. I don't think he could keep up."

During his visit, Biden also spoke at a fundraiser in Fort Mill, S.C., for Democrat Fran Person. Person is a former Biden aide who is running this year in hopes of unseating U.S. Rep. Mick Mulvaney, R-S.C.

The vice president ended the day in Raleigh, where he was scheduled to attend an event for N.C. Attorney General Roy Cooper, the Democratic candidate for governor, and the Democratic Governors Association.

Tim Funk
The Charlotte Observer

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