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At the conclusion of the speaking program, at approximately 1:27 p.m., a receiving line began past Beau’s casket, and then to the Biden family.

The first wave seemed to be largely local officials but two notable exceptions: New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, and UN Ambassador Samantha Power.

Biden embraced Gov. Cuomo, first a hug and then a kiss. The talked for at least a minute, with the VP clearly moved that he had come to pay his respects. At one point Biden clasped his face, then put his arms on his shoulders. They hugged once more before Cuomo continued to greet the rest of the Biden family.

Power followed directly behind Cuomo, also sharing a long embrace with the vice president.

The VP’s spirits seem to have picked up as the receiving line has continued, flashing his trademark smile from time to time amid otherwise somber greetings. Many of those paying respects seem to be familiar faces, often earning hugs and kisses from the VP. At times the VP can be heard speaking loudly enough for his voice to carry to the gallery.

Beau’s children had been part of the reception line initially but as of this sending at just after 2pm, it is VP, Dr. Biden, Hallie Biden, VP’s son Hunter and his wife Kathleen, and Ashley Biden and her husband Howard Krein.

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