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Following walks up two ceremonial hallways—one in the Parliament building, another at a federal conference center—and a motorcade trip in between, Vice President Biden and Prime Minister Trudeau joined a meeting of Canada’s 13 provincial and territorial premiers and representatives of Canada’s indigenous communities.
They were in Ottawa to finalize a national price on carbon for Canada. In a lengthy address, the vice president offered a recap of American climate change initiatives as well of those of other countries, particularly China.
After joking that “I’m there to tell you that I speak for the new administration in every detail”, Mr. Biden suggested Canadians should not be concerned about the long term future of American efforts to mitigate climate change.
“Regardless of whether the next administration is as aggressive as we’ve been, there’s no way of turning back,” Mr. Biden told Canada’s leaders. He said that changes to reduce carbon emissions in the United States increasingly have been either been the work of state governments or, more frequently, business decisions.
“Many of the trends that have taken hold are no longer government dependent, they’re market driven,” Mr. Biden said.

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