Fw: VP Pool Report #5: Receiving line update

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Your pooler requested to briefly leave the Delaware Senate chamber and go outside the State House to get a sense of the crowd waiting to pay their respects.

Safe to say it numbers in the hundreds. The line winds around the first floor of the State House and out the building’s west entrance (Beau’s casket and the family had processed in from the East entrance). It continues out from the entrance (and magnetometers) toward Legislative Avenue, then wraps around the corner on to Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard South, where it ends about halfway down the block between Legislative Avenue and Federal Street. Will tweet a photo to give a visual sense.

North of the State House, on Martin Luther King Boulevard North, two fire trucks are stationed at opposite ends of the street with their ladders extended and a large U.S. flag hanging down from it.

As your pooler was heading back inside the State House a Delaware DOT bus was unloading another group of mourners. They are running shuttle bus service here from the surrounding areas.

Upon return to the Senate Chamber pooler watched as VP continued to receive visitors offering condolences, even kissing a baby as he has done often in better circumstances. One woman who just passed had a photo in hand, unclear of what, but it generated a warm reaction.

At this point, more than an hour in, VP is still at the front with Dr. Biden, Hallie Biden, Hunter and Kathleen Biden.

Here for your reference are names of Biden children and grandchildren. VP’s office working on the current ages of all as well:

Vice President Biden
Dr. Jill Biden

Hallie Biden
Hunter Biden
Natalie Biden

Hunter Biden
Kathleen Biden
Naomi Biden
Finnegan Biden
Maisy Biden

Ashley Biden
Howard Krein

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