Fw: VP Pool Report #6: Receiving Line Update/Beau USSS detail info

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Subject: VP Pool Report #6: Receiving Line Update/Beau USSS detail info

Now well over two hours into the receiving line, and it’s been proceeding much as it has until now. But over time it’s been less in the way of state officials in suits and more your average joes, if you’ll excuse the expression. A few observations:

As indicated in previous pool note the VP has over time been flashing more and more of the #beingbiden that we’ve seen often in public settings like this, getting personal, hugging and kissing those who have come to pay respects, including familiar faces and less familiar ones – and it’s hard to differentiate the two.

“I knew I’d see you, child!” he said to one older woman before sharing a hug.

Some he’ll greet by name before they can even say hello. Others require a politician’s touch. “Sure I remember you,” he said to one man, who then apparently asked if he remembered his name. “I can’t remember your name. I don’t remember my own name sometimes.”

He’s also dishing out some of the standard lines: “Keep the faith” to one man; admiring the full head of white hair of another. To one man and his elderly father, with whom he spoke for about a minute or two, VP ended the exchange by reminding the son of his “most important job”: to take care of pop.

But this is still a very solemn sight. A common refrain heard today is for VP to agree with someone’s assessment of his son. “He was a good guy,” he will say. As pair of elderly women spoke with the VP, they both separately laid hands on Beau’s casket just beside them with reverence, prompting the VP to do the same with them.

Over time it seems many different groups of fire fighters in formal dress, in numbers that would suggest they come from multiple fire companies or municipalities around the state, have come through to pay their respects.

At around 3:30 pm pool spotted Delaware’s at-large congressman, Rep. John Carney (D), coming into the chamber from a side entrance. Pool stepped out to take a phone call and didn’t see Carney pass through.

The VP has been a constant presence in the receiving line, as has Dr. Biden, even as members of the honor guard standing on either side of the casket rotate in and out.  Other Bidens have been ducking out from time to time, but Hallie Biden, Beau’s wife, and the VP’s other son, Hunter, have been also logged considerable time.

Pool is told that the Biden family’s departure from the State House is closed press. The receiving line was scheduled to run until 5 p.m. but pool is told VP will likely stay until the crowd stops coming.

Speaking of the aforementioned call, a law enforcement official shares with the pool this detail: Beau Biden’s Secret Service detail will continue to accompany him until he is buried this weekend.

Will send additional details as warranted but pool is likely going to disband shortly.

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