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The rain had picked up outside, and as it neared 5 p.m. the line here had begun to thin from its earlier length. Still, the main floor was still jammed with people coming to pay their respects to Beau Biden.

At about 4:57pm VP began moving from the position he had staked out all afternoon without interruption to greet everyone who was left in line, eventually heading out of the Senate chamber into the main entry hall. He continued to greet people individually as they waited in line, with Dr. Biden following at a short distance behind him. Almost everyone, it seemed, continued after on to the Senate chamber.

“I want to make sure you all know how grateful I am,” he said to one small group as he continued to wade through the crowd. To another, as if he was asked how he was holding up, VP responded: “You guys are holding me up.”

The VP worked his way through the full length of the line (which snaked in from the West entrance to the left, toward the East entrance and then back around heading into the Senate Chamber.) and greeted every last person who had come before the doors were closed.

VP’s motorcade departed the Delaware State House in Dover at 5:10 pm to return to Wilmington. Beau’s casket will eventually be transported back as well after the last of the public visitors has departed. As of this sending Ashley Biden and her husband Howard, as well as Valerie Biden Owens, the VP’s sister, were in the Senate Chamber greeting the last of the visitors.

One additional note: pool is reliably informed that Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin, the assistant Democratic leader, came through to pay his respects as well. Your pooler unfortunately did not see this but a Durbin spokesman confirmed he had come.

Signing off after this first difficult day of services.

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