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EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. -- Standing in an East Providence highway maintenance shed, Vice President Joe Biden Friday hailed transportation infratrsucute spending -- and Govenro raimondo's tuck toll plan -- as a key to sparking a "major resurgence" in the United States.

"You found a funding source," Biden told a crowd filled with state transportation workers and state leaders. "Every state except Connecticut levies a toll on large commercial vehicles"

"It is what our highway system is supposed to be."

Invoking everything from New York City airport escalators to port maintenance, Biden said as the main thing holding back the Unitd States, and particularly its middle class, from a major resurgence.

"It matters," Biden said. "Compaines are not goign to stay in states if they cannot safety and cheaply get products... to the market."

Biden's spoke after greeting Rhode Island political leaders beneath the under-construction McCormick Quarry Bridge over Warren Avenue.

Rhode Island's Congressional delegation and Governor Raimondo are scheduled to speak before Biden at an event in a Rhode Island Department of Transportation maintenance garage.

The event comes roughly one year after Raimondo launched her truck-toll plan, approved this winter, to finance bridge construction.

Patrick Anderson
Staff Writer
The Providence Journal

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