Fw: VP Travel Pool 7/5 #13: VP talks soccer (with Mia Hamm cameo)

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Subject: VP Travel Pool 7/5 #13: VP talks soccer (with Mia Hamm cameo)

As noted in a previous pool note, your pooler got to sit and watch the end of the game with VP. Again he was intently following the action, and also playing doting grandfather as he sat next to Hunter, often explaining the goings on or discussing what they saw.

"Ten minutes, Hunt. Ten minutes," he said as the team inched closer to victory.

At one point he mentioned to Hunter that granddaughter Maisy and Sasha Obama were still watching the game in the family section where they'd spent some time earlier, and joked about whether they should leave Vancouver tomorrow without them.

The VP has been to two men's World Cups but this was his first Final. Pooler asked VP if he played soccer as a kid, which prompted  him to marvel at the growth of the sport and in the process reminisced about his late son Beau.

"I played football," he said. "My boys were 5 and 6 and started in a county league. And it went from 50 kids to 600 in three years. I don't even think the high school that I went to had a soccer team."

"Beau played and was captain of the soccer team. Hunt played football. And I never played soccer. But I watched all Beau's games."

"I remember in Beau's sophomore year I got a call from him. He said, 'Dad,' he said, 'I made the team.' He said, 'I'm halfback.' I said, 'You're a striker. I didn't know you played halfback.' He said, 'I'm playing football.'" VP laughed and explained he played what was called lightweight football, a varsity sport at Penn.

VP also talked about his granddaughters playing, including Maisy who was here with him. "Maisy's a real athlete, I mean for real." He noted that POTUS has talked about how she could play Division I basketball.

She and Sasha Obama are on a summer league team together. The two are "going to miss their game. ... The plane is not getting back in time."

With the game seemingly in hand, VP talked about what a big impact the win would have for women's soccer in he country. "It's big. But it all started with Mia Hamm," he said, motioning to the former USWNT star seated a row in front of him.

Hamm also talked with the pool about the '15ers. "We're one program. Both men's and women's soccer. We want to keep growing the game, having players get better," she said.

"I'm so happy, so proud of them," she continued as the seconds ticked away. "The way they played, the way they progressed, the way they inspired a whole new group of young players."

VP then again praised Hamm for having "catapulted" the sport's popularity.

At that point pooler and VP watched the rest of the match. You have those details in previous notes.

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