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Subject: VP Travel Pool 7/5 #4: Harper bilat (aka, VP believes that we will win)

Headline from the VP-Harper bilat was the VP's prediction: USA by one goal.

Pool entered the Vancouver Island room of the Fairmont Hotel at 2:21pm as the delegation was being seated before an array of U.S. and Canadian flags. It was a short and very casual meeting, and both principals went with the blazer but no tie look.

As press settled and the delegation was seated, PM Harper stood back up prompting VP to do the same. Harper spoke briefly in French before switching to English.

Harper welcomed VP, calling him "a tremendous friend" of Canada. "It's true," VP interjected.

Harper then said he wanted first to offer his condolences in person to the VP over the death of his son, Beau. "You have many, many friends here" who have been keeping you in their thoughts, he said.

Harper said it has been a festive atmosphere between Canada Day and Independence Day, and then addressed the upcoming match, expressing a slight bias.

"We have two great teams that are going to play this afternoon. They are both countries that are good partners of this one. But in my personal view there is no greater friend and neighbor and partner of Canada than the president of the United States, so I have a little bit of a bias."

VP then spoke, beginning by expressing that he had an "overwhelming bias" on the game. He mentioned that he had brought some of his grandchildren and that the granddaughter all played soccer .

"It's always a pleasure to be in Canada," VP said, adding that he had an "extremely warm place in his heart" for the nation.

"Canada is the most reliable, certain and consequential ally we have," he said. "We have a lot of allies. You're not supposed to say that. But Canada is an incredible, incredible ally."

"I know sometimes the big, lumbering country to the south causes you angst once and a while," VP added, prompting Harper to throw his hands in the air.

Statements over, press was starting to be ushered out at 2:24 but VP was asked for his prediction: "The United States by one goal."

Pool is holding during the bilat.

Here's the full list of names in each delegation:

U.S. --
Ambassador Bruce Heyman
Kelly Swaine, National Security Staff for the Vice President
Consul General Lynne Platt

Canada --
Howard Anglin, deputy chief of staff
Catherine Loubier, press secretary

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