Fw: VP Travel Pool 7/5 #5: Cobi Jones

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Subject: VP Travel Pool 7/5 #5: Cobi Jones

While returning to the motorcade your pooler sort of ambushed delegation member and former USMNT star Cobi Jones to ask a couple questions, because YOLO. Jones had barely himself just arrived in Vancouver and was relaxing in one of the vehicles as we wait to head to the stadium.

Asked how the two teams match up:

"I think they match up pretty well. If you look at the U.S. team, they've been getting better with every game. They didn't start out so well but they pushed through, got the victories to get through to the knockout stages. And now each game you see them progressing, and they're actually peaking at the right time."

He predicted a 3-1 final score, which I pointed out meant he was predicting Hope Solo would give up a goal. "Only one creature in all of everything is perfect," he said.

Jones was also told that VP predicted a one-goal U.S. win, smiled, but respectfully said that he was the soccer expert.

Pool still holding awaiting next movement.

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