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VP and the U.S. delegation are sitting at midfield at the top of the lower bowl, a healthy distance from where your pooler will be watching from behind one of the goals. So those watching at home may get better visuals if the FIFA feed cuts to his section. But I'll report any observations of note.

Pool was heading to seats as the U.S. roster was being announced, and could hear loud roars as each name was read. The team got another rousing ovation as they headed back to the locker room after warming up.

There are scattered Japan flags but the stadium is a sea of red, white and blue. Painted faces, jerseys, flags waving, the whole nine. Feels like a home game, eh? Feels a bit humid and there air has a smokey smell, which may be from nearby wildfires.

Pregame ceremonies about to begin. USA chant just began.

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