Fw: VP Travel Pool 7/5 #8: VP watching

From: Memoli, Michael [mailto:xxx@email.com]
Sent: Sunday, July 05, 2015 05:12 PM
To: Spector, Stephen; Barkoff, Kendra A.; Pietranton, Kelsey; Gleeson, James
Subject: VP Travel Pool 7/5 #8: VP watching

In the 30th minute your pooler headed to a family section of the lower bowl where VP and other members of the delegation had also temporarily relocated (we had just left our own seats only to hear the crowd reaction as Japan scored).

The VP, in a blue button-down shirt and gray pants, plus aviators, was watching the game intently with grandson Hunter to his right and the U.S. ambassador to Canada to his left. Mia Hamm and Dr. Biden were to the left of the ambassador; Maisy and Natlie Biden and Sasha Obama were seated directly behind the VP. In the row in front of the VP were a group with #13 jerseys with "Alex" on the back.

Your pooler was close enough to try and ask the VP a question but was immediately told this wasn’t time for an interview.

VP kept his eyes on the field. At one point he turned to his grandson amid a lull in the action to say it was time to “get our mojo back.” A bit later, as a U.S. player was called for a foul, VP turned to his grandson to explain what was going on.

At about the 42nd minute the VP was on the move, heading into the bowels of the stadium past concesion stands, tightly holding his grandson’s hand as they went. One woman stopped the VP for a picture, which he happily took. Someone else shouted, “Hey, Joe!” at the man just a heartbeat away from the most powerful position in the world. He turned and smiled as the man took what he called a “walking selfie,” whatever that is.

At one point as the VP headed up a ramp to get back to his suite he and his grandson, still holding hands, started jogging up the incline – wasn’t clear who instigated this but it certainly wasn’t your pooler.

As we arrived at the seat just as halftime was beginning, a stream of other spectators started coming through the halls. One woman, who introduced herself but your pooler didn’t catch the name, told the VP he should “come back to Vancouver sometime.”

“Any excuse I can get!” the VP responded.

Pool is back in our original location as the second half is underway. There's a bit of a shouting battle going on here between a pocket of Japan supporters and the U.S. fans surrounding them.

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