Fw: VP Travel Pool 7/5 #9: World Cup champions

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Subject: VP Travel Pool 7/5 #9: World Cup champions

Your pooler spent the last 15 or so minutes of the game in the VP's suite and had a chance to talk with him about the beautiful game. Fuller report to follow but some notes on the last few minutes:

When the game entered extra time VP started cheering "One more goal! One more goal!" He got excited at a few close calls.

When the final whistle blew VP jumped from his seat and started giving out high-5s and handshakes, starting with grandson Hunter, who was seated to his left.

Cobi Jones, two seats to VPs right, took a selfie in the final minutes. Granddaughters Mazie and Natalie as well Sasha Obama rushed into the box just before the final whistle, too. They had remained in the family section for most of the game.

The whole delegation is standing and watching the scene play out as the trophy is about to be awarded.

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