Fw: VP Travel Pool 7/6 #2: Andrews return

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Subject: VP Travel Pool 7/6 #2: Andrews return

Air Force Two was wheels down at Andrews at 7:25 pm, after some late turbulence with the stormy weather in the DC region.

Under ominous skies the VP walked down the steps shortly after Dr. Biden, grandkids and Sasha Obama, the sun briefly shining on him as he did.

VP and Dr. Biden then walked with Natalie and Hunter to waiting vehicles, Natalie and Dr. Biden with their arms around each other, VP close beside his grandson.

After seeing Beau's children off, the Bidens walked back to Marine Two, just as the rain started pouring down. Maisy Biden and Sasha Obama were waiting on board.

The chopper was up in the rain at 7:48 pm after a brief delay due to the conditions.

Your very wet pooler is now signing off.

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