Fw: VPODUS Pool Report

From: Mary Kilpatrick
Sent: Monday, October 24, 2016 12:34 PM
To: Dubyak, Meghan M. EOP/OVP
Subject: VPODUS Pool Report

Vice President Joe Biden on Monday morning surprised a group of volunteers for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's campaign, gathered inside a downtown Cleveland campaign office.

The volunteers, who were unaware of Biden's visit, erupted in applause as the vice president made his way into the room around at 11:50 a.m.

Biden spoke for about 15 minutes and thanked volunteers for their work. He spoke of the Obama administration and the Clinton campaign's shared goal to help the middle class.

And he emphasized the urgency of a campaign now in its final days.

"I came to say today's Election Day. Everyday is Election Day now," Biden said.

He expressed distaste for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, and appeared confident that Clinton would win the election.

"We all know the nightmare of a Trump presidency," Biden said. "I've given up on talking about Trump."

"Hillary's going to win this election," he added, to applause.

Biden seemed delighted to talk with the volunteers, and lingered to chat, take a photo and shake hands.

"Today's Election Day, so I'm going to stop talking you guys should be on the phones," Biden said.

Biden was visiting Cleveland to speak at the Cleveland Clinic's 14th Annual Medical Innovation Summit, and made the unannounced stop before heading off to Clinton campaign events in Toledo and Dayton.

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