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Speaking on stage, Seth Meyers welcomes Joseph R. Biden Jr., saying that he has already been on the show, making it clear that the appearances on the show make him important. Besides that, said Meyers, he’s the vice president. People started to clap and cheer.

Biden walked out. He shook hands with a member of the band on stage and then turned to Meyers. A moment later Biden looked at the audience and gave a peace sign. There was a standing ovation for him. He sat in a chair next to Meyers’ desk. Then Biden straightened out his jacket and looked at Meyers.

Meyers told him that he was an old hand at television and started to show him photos of shows that he has already been on. “You gave a clue on ‘Jeopardy,’” said Meyers.

The producers showed a television clip from a time when Biden was a US Senator, appearing on television.

Then Meyers asked if he was sorry he wasn’t able to participate in the debate, and Biden said, no, he had no regrets. “I think it’s too easy,” Biden said. “I want someone like Sarah Palin.” Biden laughed (it sounded like heh-heh.)

Biden talked in more general terms about the debates and said, “You watch it, and you’re like, ‘It can’t be happening.’” Describing Donald Trump and his performance, Biden said, “He doesn’t have the slightest notion of what it means to be a blue-collar guy.” He added, “Here’s the one I love the best: ‘Workers make too much money.’”

A moment later Biden said, “It’s a frightening notion that the vice president and the president don’t understand each other’s [positions].”

Biden said, “But what I found astonishing was that he would so publicly [talk about the lewd video, describing it as locker-room talk.] That he would acknowledge that he engages in [behaviour that would be described as] textbook sexual assault...this [he describes the way Trump looked at women in a dressing room] is absolutely outrageous behaviour…”

Biden said that it was disappointing after he’d worked so hard for years, “trying to figure out how to change the culture in this country so that we treat women with respect and dignity” (he was referring to his work on the Violence Against Women Act) – to come across someone like Trump.

Biden said that he’d wanted to change the culture because he had been inspired by the things his father had said, warning him against the abuses of power and saying that “the cardinal sin of all is a man raising a hand against a woman. That is the ultimate abuse of power.”

Biden spoke about the first election he won and how the candidate, the man who’d been in office for a very long time, lost, he’d been gracious in defeat. He said, as Biden recalled, that his opponent told him: “Joe, I’d be proud to ride with you [in an event in which the winner of the race and the loser appear in public together] – even if I lost.”

Recalling that race, Biden said: “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with recognizing the character of the person you’re running against.”

A moment later he and Meyers stood up and waited for Jill Biden to appear on stage. She walked out – she was wearing a tight, black leather dress and high, strappy heels.

She said that she did not like the term, Second Lady, to describe her and had come up with another name for herself: “Captain of the Vice Squad.”

She was sitting next to her husband on the stage, and Meyers said he thought that her husband has his own special names for her. Biden said that he did. “None that I can say,” Biden said. He waited a moment and then said that the names he has for her are: “All endearing.”

She leaned towards Meyers and explained, “He’s not Trump.”

They talked about President Obama and how he coaches sports at his daughters’’ school, Sidwell (they don’t say the name of the school.) Dr. Biden said, “He’s a great coach. He’s a dad.”

Biden said, “He intimidates the ref. There’s 18 Secret Service agents behind him – with guns.”

The Bidens talked about their dog, a German shepherd, and sports. Biden was describing how much his wife loves their dog – and sports – and at one point he leaned over her, getting ready to tell Meyers something. She shook her head no.

Biden pulled back – as if he’s realized he’s gone too far – and said, “I shouldn’t tell that story.” People laugh.

Then she talked about the Moonshot initiative, which is dedicated to finding better treatments for cancer, and about their son, who died of cancer. As she spoke, Biden sat silently next to her with his head bowed. After she mentioned their son’s name, she reached over and touched her husband’s hand.

Then they talked about Joining Forces, a program that is designed to help members of the military and their families, several people who are part of the program – and were in the audience – stood up.

A moment later, Meyers thanked the Bidens for coming on the show, and they stood and posed for photos. Biden turned and looked out at the crowds and raised his hands in the air, gesturing for more applause.

Meyers spoke into the camera, doing promos that would be distributed to local television programs for the show. The Bidens stood next to him for several minutes while he did different takes for the promo. “Hey, everyone,” saod Meyers. The stage lights were bright, and they washed over the Bidens.

The vice president listened to Meyers and at one point put his head back and laughed. He’d already heard the promo several times but he seemed to be enjoying himself, and when everything was done, he looked at the audience one more time and smiled at them. Then he and his wife left the stage.

Note: The material that will appear on “Late Night With Seth Meyers” is embargoed. The show will air 12:35 ET, and this material cannot be published in any form before 8pm.

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