Fw: VPOTUS Local Pool Report #2

From: Mazzei, Patricia
Sent: Friday, August 5, 2016 17:48
To: Goodman, Meghan Hays K. EOP/OVP; Dubyak, Meghan M. EOP/OVP
Subject: VPOTUS Local Pool Report #2

Motorcade rolled south along I-195, I-95 and U.S. 1 until reaching the Whip 'N Dip Ice Cream Shoppe in South Miami at 5:05 p.m. (far southwest of DWS' Broward/Miami-Dade County district). Along the way, a few curious stopped motorists watched the motorcade go by, smartphones in hand.

Leaving the Whip 'N Dip where a phalanx of volleyball players from nearby Our Lady of Lourdes Academy, a Catholic school. Some wore face paint they furiously tried to wipe off after noticing the TV cameras.
"We're going to be on the news?" one asked.

VPOTUS and DWS stepped off the car and made their way along the sidewalk, stopping to shake hands with unsuspecting Friday afternoon shoppers.

"Hi, how are you. Nice to see you," VPOTUS said once he reached the Lourdes students. "What's your name?"

"Caro," she said.

"What's the best ice cream?" VPOTUS asked.

Opinions varied, but one of the girls said cookie cake.

"My daughter plays volleyball," DWS said.

Inside the shop, one man told VPOTUS he "so appreciated" his speech at last week's Democratic National Convention.

"Debbie wrote it," VPOTUS quipped.

"I don't think so," the man said.

"He did a great job," DWS said.

VPOTUS ordered a medium-sized chocolate chip cup (really, white chocolate with chocolate chips, the scooper informed him). DWS ordered a Snickers cup.

Both posed with customers. VPOTUS paid the $9.10 in cash, with a $10 bill. The shop didn't want to accept it. "Tell you what: charge me 10 bucks for the photo," VPOTUS said, handing over the cash and posing with DWS for a selfie with the scooper, 24-year-old Robert Caballero.

A crowd of more than 20 people had assembled outside. VPOTUS went to say hi. Pool overheard someone ask him to go next door. VPOTUS and DWS walked into Buttercream Cupcakes & Coffee. Pool remained outside but could see cupcakes being served. VPOTUS emerged carrying a pink box.

"I've come for two reasons: to support my best friend in Congress - and to get fat," VPOTUS said.

Gaggle remarks to follow. Topics: Zika, Trump -- and DWS' daughter's bat mitzvah.

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