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Pool was escorted to the lab of Dr. Stan Riddell at 1:53 pm.

White-coated lab techs chatted while waiting.
"I'm very nervous,' said Alexandra Carbanov, a research technician.

Vice President Biden entered the lab at 2:40 pm, dressed in dark charcoal suit, white shirt, blue and red tie.

He was accompanied by US Sen. Patty Murray and Dr. Riddell and greeted by Dr. Philip Greenberg, Riddell's research partner.

Carbanov demonstrated the small amount of blood needed to begin T cell therapy.

Biden asked how the Fred Hutch work was different than that at other cancer research centers he has recently toured.

Riddell said Hutch scientists have found a way to select cells with an ability to proliferate in the patient for more profound and durable effect.

"No other lab in the world is doing this, Riddell said.

Next, Shivani Srivastava, a post-doctoral fellow, demonstrated growing T cells under a microscope.

Then Dr. Joshua Veatch, senior fellow, demonstrated T-cells attacking breast cancer cells in a computer screen.

Biden asked for clarification again about the differences in the work at Fred Hutch and other centers.

'I'm confused,' he said. 'I'm just trying to figure out the differences.'

Alex Salter, a graduate researcher. demonstrated T-cells expressing cytokines.

"How do you know how well they're killing tumor cells?' Biden said.

The more cytokines, the more they're attacking the cells.

The pool was turned out at 2:50 pm, before the tour finished.

JoNel Aleccia

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