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Biden and Al-Abadi entered the Indian Treaty Room on the 4th floor of the EEOB.

Biden went around the U-shaped table shaking everyone's hand.

The audio from the mic was quite at first and difficult to hear. Sound was turned up later shortly after PM Al-Abadi began speaking.

Both leaders referred to the Islamic State as Daesh, the term Iraqis use to describe the group.

When he began formally speaking, VPOTUS said addressing PM Al-Abadi:

"Congratulations on a very successful visit."

"It has been a delight to have you here."

"We have a long term strategic partnership with Iraq" that will involve energy, the economy, bilateral trade.

"It's important to stabilize the newly liberated areas from ISIL."

"This relationship will continue to grow long after Daesh is defeated."

He went on to say, "We stand with you Mr. President." But he later referred to him as the "Mr. Prime Minister."

"We stand with you Mr. President as we move forward in this discussion."

He asked, "Is the press corps staying through? ... Before the press leaves I'll hand it over to you."

As Al-Abadi spoke in English, Biden asked, "can you hold the mic a little closer." Shortly after, the volume was louder.

"We will not only see the U.S. and the international coalition support on the ground but see an economic and strategic partnership after we defeat Daesh."

"We fought against a common enemy. ... I think we can stand together."

"We have a democratic system in Iraq... we have an inclusive government."

After the remarks, VPOTUS said, "thank you to the press for being here."

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