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At 2:37 p.m. Wednesday, VPOTUS entered the lab of Paul Modrich at Duke University in Durham, NC. Modrich, the James B. Duke professor of biochemistry, is one of three 2015 Nobel Laureates in chemistry.

VPOTUS met Dr. Matthias Gromeier, associate professor of neurosurgery, and Dr. John Sampson, chair of neurosurgery. Gromeier's work in cancer immunotherapy has gained international attention. His use of genetically modified poliovirus has shown promise in treating brain tumors in a clinical trial.

Speaking to Gromeier, VPOTUS said, "I'm very familiar with your work."

After a few minutes, VPOTUS added, "The work you've done with poliovirus has been amazing."

VPOTUS then spoke quietly with Sampson and Gromeier, and Sampson thanked VPOTUS for his focus on cancer research.

VPOTUS was accompanied by Dr. Eugene Washington, chancellor for health affairs at Duke and CEO of Duke University Health System.

At the other side of the lab, VPOTUS met Modrich, whose work in DNA repair earned him the Nobel Prize last year. Modrich's basic research has implications for the understanding and treatment of various types of cancer.

"Congratulations, by the way," VPOTUS said as he shook Modrich's hand. "It seems all I do is hang out with Nobel Laureates."

He then chatted a few minutes with Modrich, Washington and Vickers Burdett, also a Duke biochemist and Modrich's wife.

VPOTUS turned to the media and said of Modrich, "The work this guy has done has been absolutely mindblowing."

Speaking of the pace of research, VPOTUS said, "It's moving at warp speed."

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