Fw: VPOTUS pool report #1

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Subject: VPOTUS pool report #1

Vice President Biden arrived at Joint Base Andrews via helicopter at 11:08am. He exited Marine 2 after chatting with the pilots for a minute. Saluted as he stepped onto the tarmac. He walked to AF2, chatting with the commander, saluted again before stepping onto the stairs and boarding the plane with a wave to the cameras. The whole thing was like a POTUS arrival at Andrews.

Mr. Biden is traveling to Miami for several events - first is a community college one at Miami Dade College, then a DSCC fundraiser for Sen. Bill Nelson, and a roundtable on the Iran nuclear deal tomorrow.  He's got a small group of reporters traveling with him. Hmm...wonder why?

AF2 is wheels up shortly.

Carol Lee
The Wall Street Journal

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