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VPOTUS stepped up to the podium at 12:07 p.m. at Bucks County Community College. He was introduced by a variety of Pennsylvania Democrats, including state Rep. Steve Santarsiero, who is running for the 8th Congressional District seat, and state Attorney General candidate Josh Shapiro.

Coat off, the VPOTUS said it was good to be home - he was born in Scranton, Penn. He began by emphasizing the importance of affordable education and community colleges.

"Community colleges are the most flexible academic institutions in the world," he said.

He commented on Monday's vice-presidential debate and said he felt bad for Gov. Mike Pence who had to "make up facts" to support Donald Trump.

"I can't imagine doing what he had to do for Trump," he said.

VPOTUS spent the majority of the half-hour speech painting an upbeat portrait of the U.S.'s economic prospects, citing Silicon Valley and the renewable energy sector as economic drivers.

"I am more optimistic about the position America is in today than any other time in my life," he said.

Trump, he said, would reverse the progress made under the current administration.

"We've gone from economic crisis to economic recovery, and we're on the verge of resurgence," he said.

At the end of his speech, VPOTUS stressed Pennsylvania's electoral importance.

"Don't wake up on November 9th and find we've lost Pennsylvania  by 2,000 votes," he said.

Afterwards, he made a surprise stop at  campaign office in Bristol, Penn. to thank volunteers.

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